Deep indie pop between panic and hope

March 12, 2021 sees the release of PANIC, the first single from Mary Broadcast's new concept EP of the same name. With it, the bandleader and guitarist expands her commitment to social women's issues with a very personal dimension. With the cycle of six songs and six videos, she and her indie pop-rock band tell the painful but also inspiring story of a woman who has to re-sort her inner and outer world after a miscarriage. The panic triggered by this profound experience is also suitable as a metaphor for the emotional world in today's age of isolation.

Art figure processes the deep pain that liberates in the end.

Panic is the central idea of the EP and the central feeling of the last year - panic that afflicts us because we don't know how it will go on, if it will ever go on, how long this panicky state will last. But every night is followed by a morning. "Aver" is the name of the protagonist of the stories, she experiences everything and in the end the deepest experience that a person can possibly have: The loss of her own child. This deep pain has brought Mary Broadcast back to writing songs. Aver is her art character who processes this pain for her.

About the single PANIC

Big sigh of relief. Everything is over and this state will remain. Aver no longer has to struggle to become or be anyone. Everyone is experiencing the same fate. Finally, she doesn't have to think about the future. The dream of life she has lived for has lapsed. She has become no one so far and can become no one anymore. A feeling of complete relief. The apocalypse as a solution. "It's over"

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PANIC Tour 2021

16.03.21 Radiokulturhaus Wien / Austria
18.03.21 Bar Rififi / Innsbruck / Austria
28.05.21 Szene Wien / Austria
18.02.21 Cafe Schmid Hansl / Wien / Austria

We finished the mixing and mastering of all six songs. We have finished shooting the first videos for the songs PANIC and ZONE 4. These two songs will be released in March and April. As you may already know, this year there will be six songs, six videos, six photos. More about our concept album above!

We did the photo shoot for the upcoming album PANIC with the terrific Agnes Slupek. Agnes has done all the photos for the albums of the last years. She thanked us for letting her be creative. The shoot was mega intense! We say thank you! Look forward to the photos!

At the moment we are working hard for our upcoming EP PANIC. We finished the recording and nearly the mixing of six songs that will be probably released from march on all over 2021. Along with the songs will come six videos and six pictures - we will release a cycle. Stay tuned and with us!
About the front woman Mary Broadcast

Mary Broadcast is a singer and guitarist, but also a musician, composer, bandleader, booker, producer, CEO of her own project. As a woman, she has been independently and self-confidently on the road in the international music business for years, pursuing her dream independently and creatively, without any big partners in the background. She consistently campaigns for the visibility of musicians by regularly conceiving women's talk & music evenings. She stands in a line with musicians who do not conform to the typical pop circus and do not just portray the beautifully made-up dolly with a good voice, but represent an independent art figure and build their career independently away from the mainstream.

About the band

The band underwent a transformation with the previous album SVINX - also live on stage. The four musicians build up sound worlds, tower loud and wild over their audience, unleash themselves and everyone with loud guitars and synthesizer sounds. Above them the delicate and at the same time powerful and intense voice of Mary Broadcast. Some say she is the Austrian PJ Harvey. If the band has made its way to the indie pop rock genre with SVINX, it has now finally arrived there with the new EP Panic.

Our band history had a lot of epochs - the last one started with SVINX, our latest album we released in 2018. Since then the main band members are:

Mary Broadcast: Vocals / Guitar / Synth
Thomas Hierzberger: Keyboard
Jimi Dolezal: Guitar
Andi Senn: Drums

Additional musicans are:

Jakob Aumaier: Guitar
Sebastian Felber: Drums
Martin Kleibl: Drums
Rustam Guseinov: Drums
Andreas Grünauer: Trombone

"Ihr neues Album ist ein Rätsel"

Marina Mayrböck, ÖÖ Nachrichten

Mary Broadcast is also teaching music. She is a vocal coach and she gives lessons in guitar playing, song & lyrics writing and coaches bands and artists.

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Mary Broadcast
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Christoph Waltenberger Management
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+43 676/921 2332

Between Music, Marcin Suder
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